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QIAN FEI says hi

An extra ordinary girl who loves everything in this world especially her daddy,mommy,brother,friends,music & etc.Of course, she super duper loves LEE YONG DAE and always crazy about him.Now, she is 18 years old and still suffering in KC.Friends are her hope.They give her a fantastic life.She thanks them much.Nothing special about her yet she has a dream.She hopes she will be the main character of the fairytale.HAPPY FOREVER !!


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Friday, April 30, 2010 @ 6:52 PM
oops......the picture is too small !!!!!
very obvious, the 3 peoples inside are Nescafe 3 in 1 .......mwahahaha~~~~
really thanks thanks thanks for hearing me 'backstabing' somebody
i know i'm really annoying...sometime i will yak until you all try to keep my mouth shout```
but i would just like to say I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU ALL !!!!

okie....good news....
finally i finished my KCCO concert namelist
phew`````took me few nights few days to finish it
and i found that i had made lotsa mistakes.....adui....
dunno what i was thinking when i was doing mua work......

and finally i 'date' wif my dearest teacher leong successfully
adui....he been so busy recently lurrr````
meeting......meeting......until dunno where he was

and finally i have some ideas for the opening ceremony....
no more BLANK in my brain now
wuhuhuhuhu.......praise me praise me !!!!!

aiks......i'm panda eyes are getting more and more serious
i need sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.....zzzzzzzz.....zzz.zzz.zzzzz.......

i need hair cut....they keep calling me [林达浪]....==

tomorrow have to go for activity....adui....
i lack of sleep lerrrr`````
i kinda worry that i will fall asleep tomorrow.......
i know i'm such a pig lar```but i really need sleep.......
周公's son is wating for me to date wif him.....bwalalamama

to mua dearest brother :
you really did a good job everybody is glad for ur performance
aiyorrr.....human factors time gambate lerr.....
belanja u minum starbucks, k ???
cheer up, boy !!!!

airel, i am FULLY SURPRISE that you can talk soooo much wif mua mother.......and mua brother ==
but my mom kept saying that you become slimmer and slimmer......

awwwwww`````look at it......
aren't they cute ????!!!!!!!
soooooo sad that yong dae doesn't come for thomas cup....
fortunately.....i didn't but the tickets......
if i do.....sure i will bite myself.....
that's all for today !!!!!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 10:17 PM
yea.i'm here to update mua bloggie....
aren't i'm good ? hehehehehe :D

oh yea. had mua english tuition just now.....
just couldn't stop laughing

actually....i was fully surprise that i was called to the another class
and the class had only 8 of us......ADUI !!!
my heart was kept shouting WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW ????!!!!

and we was taught by another teacher who was came for interview
i thought the class would be boring luuu````
but surprisingly , the lesson was FUN FUN FUN !!!!

a korean from my class kept asking : why does m'sia lipas fly ?
he had already asked this question last week
we laughed terbahak-bahak lar.......
he said korea lipas are small and kind.....not like m'sia one......tehehehe````

they ran to the other class and told them that our teacher was hawt !!!
and the boys there were so curious and kept whoo-ing

and during the break time,they all came to our class to peep us, erm , i should say they were came to peep the teacher purposely.

girls were standing outside of the class...kept watching
they said that those girls were jealous......haha....

after the break, a student was sharing an experiment about those lipas
as we were hearing,our 'real' teacher came in to our class
abruptly,the student shouted on the teacher and our teacher shocked.....until she 目瞪口呆
we all burst into laughter~~~~

actually,i really enjoy the class !!!!!

i'm ravenous....I NEED FOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TADA !!!!
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Thursday, April 22, 2010 @ 9:54 PM
a short short short update
i'm lazy to update my blog recently.....
SORRY....guys !!!!!

UPDATE .......: )

due to yesterday horrible 长跑 legs are cacat now !!!!
my cutie teacher suddenly annouced that we would have the 长跑 exam yesterday

1,2,3...BEEP !!!!!
run run run run run run..........and finally 5 minutes past away
and i managed to run about 4 rounds
joyful in my heart but tiredness painfulness were on my body
i was totally dead beat !!!!!!!! EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED !!!!

so today i turn out to a handicap !!!!! ==


ahem !!!!! i didn't know what i am doing during the activity
i was sooooooo frustated when i was 合奏
i was like playing the cello with a robot mode
playing the same notes over and over again .....WITHOUT ANY EMOTIONS

forced myself to focus on the conductor
but ..... i failed
i didn't know what she wanted us to do ........


yea. yea. yea.
my works are almost finished......wuhooohooo !!!!!!
soooo touching .......TERHARU SANGAT !!!!
but after this....there are losta works again
* sigh *

okie.......i really will try my best to update my blog often
toddles =)
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Sunday, April 11, 2010 @ 9:17 PM
tomorrow have to go to school
no more wake up at 10.00am++
no more watching TV until my eyes gonna poop out
awwwww.........i need more and more holiday
yea.....i'm a greedy , avarice gurl
soo just call me GREEDY QIAN FEI !!!!!!
this week will be a BLOODY busy week !!!!
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@ 8:03 PM
had our breakfast in a hawker centre
when we were wakling inside there
many ppl kept saying:
first stop: ZOO TAIPING
we were sooooo LUCKY
that we could see an elephant was giving birth
we were guessing that :
is that thingy an elephant trunk or it is just the.........
hoho =)
second stop : musuem
a very small museum but the toilet was soooo CLEAN
don't forget to visit the toilet
third stop : the lake of taiping
i really can't believe that
the view there was SPECTACULAR
i thought it would be boring
the atmosphere was totally GREAT
if you are the person who like to immerse yourself in the nature
my suggestion is : don't take a ride on the ferry
walk by your leg
you will gain more....
beautiful right?
erm,i mean the trees behind me

four of us
i didn't take many pictures on day 3
we arrived Ipoh and paid a visit to
they're FUNNY and also enthusiastic
we shared lotsa experience
sooooo happy to meet them ``
and also
finally i finished all of them......

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Monday, April 5, 2010 @ 2:09 PM
hey hey.....this post is not about the taiping trip =)
just a short post ```

my hands are totally CACAT liao....
today seems to be much better than yesterday
yesterday,i couldn't even move my hands
soo, i was a HANDICAP yesterday

during the piano lesson
couldn't press the keys soooo CHAM de lor
the distance between the keys was tooooo far...
and my hands couldn't tahan liao.....
sakit sekali~

ok........that's all for my post
off to homework....
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Thursday, April 1, 2010 @ 6:55 PM
UPDATE !!!!!!
finally i uploaded those photos succesfully ~~~~
they took me about 2 hours to upload them......UGH !!!
ok, let me start my story *ahem*
the yummy and mouth-watering 鸭腿面 =)
i tried a little bit yea it really yummy
Chai mun ru + Choo Qian Fei + Chaang Yunhua
actually i was so exciting when i took this picture
bacause this creative idea was suggested by me :D
after that,we visited the charcoal factory
the motosikal, Tau fu pok been there too
i remembered the day was so scorching and i was blaming here and there

photo taken by Mr.笑一笑
oh yea,the generous uncle gave us sweet potatoes
YUM YUM YUM,it was delicious until i licked my fingers !!!!! (jk jk)
it was sooo sweet and totally different from those sweet potatoes prepared by my mom
munru with her skinny sweet potato =]
me with my sweet potato
next,we went to the 红树林
the journey was soooooooooo LONG
my legs were so tired and numb until i couldn't feel their existance
mwahahahaha~~~~ i'm using hyperbole ,k ?

i heart nature ````
hoho......munru looked soo NERD here ``` hehe
student that is perfect for us to bully
i'm sooooo FUGLY
the perasan emotion of chaang ~~
she really looks like donkey , rite ?
do you agree with me ?
just raise your hands and legs and said YES !!!!
In this 3D2N taiping trip
we stayed in bangalow house ```
not bad although no luxurious facilities ,it was quite comfortable to live in
camwhoring wif FRENS

munru + rebecca
rebacca and the GIANT with her head chopped

had our dinner in KFC on the first day
the chicken was SPICY ==
awww```she looks so adorable and cute and pretty here ....
in fact, she's not !!! ==
MAGAZINE + GOSSIP TIME = the happiest timeoh , i should not use this picture as the end of this post
haiz , wrong decision ........(neninenibubu ...just kidding )
dob't forget today is APRIL FOOL ~~~~~next post = secong day of the trip
stay tuned ya ^^

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