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QIAN FEI says hi

An extra ordinary girl who loves everything in this world especially her daddy,mommy,brother,friends,music & etc.Of course, she super duper loves LEE YONG DAE and always crazy about him.Now, she is 18 years old and still suffering in KC.Friends are her hope.They give her a fantastic life.She thanks them much.Nothing special about her yet she has a dream.She hopes she will be the main character of the fairytale.HAPPY FOREVER !!


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Wednesday, February 1, 2012 @ 7:38 PM
ERLOOOO`````PEEPS !!!!!!
Finally, I'm here to update mua bloggie.......WHHHEEEEE!!!!!

Actually, I feel so guilty for not updating my blog for quite a long time.

Action always speak louder than words, here the story begins .
Firstly, celebrated CNY as usual by going to relatives' houses.
It's slightly different this year as many relatives from Melbourne came back here and.....
I was confused @.@ by not knowing who were they. ==
We kept asking each other, what should I call him/her ?

Last few days, we went to MAS airlines company to settle some stuff.
We went to the wrong place as we thought it was at WISMA MAS.
When we finally reached there, I was soooo delighted as I totally enjoyed the cold air in the Wisma.
Suddenly,the guard told us that the company has been moved to KL SENTRAL.
WALLLAAOOEHHH !!!!!! I cannot bear the heat in Malaysia. == I'm puteri lilin. XD
Had settled all those stuff here. PPPHHHEEEWWWW !!!!! Finally.....~~~~
Okay. Met XinYi at Empire Gallery Mall to have brunch.
My mom said that it's breakfast but I don't think so.....BRUNCH will be much more suitable lurh.

Shared some experience of sitting SPM exam with her.
No worries,girl. I think I was quite relaxed while sitting the exam. So as you. XD

Took a picture with mama. =)
Nehhh Nehhh.
Oh.We went to Pavilion today to meet up my senior and friends.
The decoration here is sooo dragon-ish.
Surprisingly, I didn't hurt my toes as I walked for a whole day by wearing flip-flop.
I usually ended up with plasters between my toes when I wore flip-flop and walked for a long distance. XD

My faked smile. BOOOHOOOO!!!
My brother was soooooo not co-operative until I kept shouting : ' FASTER LAR '
Awww. Finally, met GuoYi and Delon who are studying in UTAS and Brenda who is going to UTAS this year.
Sadly, they all are in Launnie and I'm in Hobart. As TIGA LAPAN said, all alone.
TIGA LAPAN reminded me all those things. AIGOOOO~~~~
You will know all of my feelings 3 years later. Oh. I think you have known it now, Vice conductor.
However, I think I still can survive.
No worries, guys.

Long post lehhh~~~~
Don't blame me again for not updating my blog, kay?
Toddles,peeps ~~~~~ WWWHHHHHEEEEEEETTTTTTT~~~~

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