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QIAN FEI says hi

An extra ordinary girl who loves everything in this world especially her daddy,mommy,brother,friends,music & etc.Of course, she super duper loves LEE YONG DAE and always crazy about him.Now, she is 18 years old and still suffering in KC.Friends are her hope.They give her a fantastic life.She thanks them much.Nothing special about her yet she has a dream.She hopes she will be the main character of the fairytale.HAPPY FOREVER !!


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Wednesday, February 29, 2012 @ 4:37 PM
TODAY IS 29/2 !!!!
Erloo,loves one!!!!
I kept telling myself that I MUST UPDATE MY BLOGGIE TODAY since this morning.
Why ???!!!??!!
AHAHAHA!!!!!Because today is 29/2. The next 29/2 will be on 2016.Awww.....Still have a long way to go......

Oh,I have to make this fast as I want to study later.SEEEE!!!!!!I come here for study one.I'm a GOOD GIRL!!!!!=)
So,let's make this post in point form.

(1)I have started my Uni life and I'm doing pretty well.Coursemates and lecturers are just so nice and friendly.I thought I will be not able to understand what they are talking about,but actually I can understand quite well.Thanks God!!It's just so 'exciting' as the I have to go around the campus to attend my lecture.Different subjects,different buildings.Sometimes,I have to rush here and there,but the weather is quite chilly and I always feel that my legs are frozen and cannot walk quickly.==There aren't a lot of students in Earth Science and Physics, but there are tons of students in Chemistry.The lecture theatre doesn't have enough seats for us .Wow,I wonder why huh?!

(2)The weather in Tassie now is quite chilly which is totally good for sleeping.=)However,the weather was crazily hot and stuffy in the past few days.I hid myself in my room while my friends went to Salamanca Market some more.Wow,it's 38 degree Celcius.They walked back to hostel some more.Luckily,they didn't melt.Haha!

(3) Last Sunday,Poet,Chau Wei and I had been out for almost a day.Ohh....Really have to thank them for accompanying me to find the Blinking Billy Point.We walked for almost an hour under the scorching sun and the temperature at that time was 37 degree Celcius.I don't know why I am still alive.

Hot summer!Oh!Hot Hot Summer!!!
Super Duper Hot Day````

(4) Oh yea.Mc Donald is the cheapest restaurant in Tasmania.The others are damn expensive.
(5) Oh.Not forgetting to mention that I had my first Geology excursion on the previous Monday.Before the excursion,I was quite worried and anxious.HOWEVER,IT WAS JUST SOOO FUN!!!!I enjoyed the moment that everyone sat on the basalt and observed the surface of the rocks.It was pretty cool.I met some new friends there.We had a chat on the seaside as we had nothing more to do.AHAHAH!!!!
Pile of Rocks.
The lighthouse in the Blinking Billy Point.It is no longer been used any more.I walked for almost an hour to reach here.Luckily,the weather was not too hot.Unfortunately,my bag was sooo heavy and it made my shoulder ache in the next day of the excursion.

(6) I wake up at 7 something in every morning.Wow,I'm healthy!!!!

(7) I'm experiencing CULTURE SHOCK now.

(8) I found that people here love Coke much.Everyday,I can see the Coke's Car in our Uni to sell Coke and many people queue to buy it.The Coke here is so expensive weih.It costs about $3.50 here while Malaysia one costs only RM 2 something.However,they still buy.@.@

(9) I can't believe that I have tutorial for Asian Studies tomorrow.I have plenty of time between the both classes I have tomorrow.Okay,library again.pffff.-.-

(10) I have to off to study now.CHIAOS!!!!!!
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