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QIAN FEI says hi

An extra ordinary girl who loves everything in this world especially her daddy,mommy,brother,friends,music & etc.Of course, she super duper loves LEE YONG DAE and always crazy about him.Now, she is 18 years old and still suffering in KC.Friends are her hope.They give her a fantastic life.She thanks them much.Nothing special about her yet she has a dream.She hopes she will be the main character of the fairytale.HAPPY FOREVER !!


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 10:17 PM
yea.i'm here to update mua bloggie....
aren't i'm good ? hehehehehe :D

oh yea. had mua english tuition just now.....
just couldn't stop laughing

actually....i was fully surprise that i was called to the another class
and the class had only 8 of us......ADUI !!!
my heart was kept shouting WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW ????!!!!

and we was taught by another teacher who was came for interview
i thought the class would be boring luuu````
but surprisingly , the lesson was FUN FUN FUN !!!!

a korean from my class kept asking : why does m'sia lipas fly ?
he had already asked this question last week
we laughed terbahak-bahak lar.......
he said korea lipas are small and kind.....not like m'sia one......tehehehe````

they ran to the other class and told them that our teacher was hawt !!!
and the boys there were so curious and kept whoo-ing

and during the break time,they all came to our class to peep us, erm , i should say they were came to peep the teacher purposely.

girls were standing outside of the class...kept watching
they said that those girls were jealous......haha....

after the break, a student was sharing an experiment about those lipas
as we were hearing,our 'real' teacher came in to our class
abruptly,the student shouted on the teacher and our teacher shocked.....until she 目瞪口呆
we all burst into laughter~~~~

actually,i really enjoy the class !!!!!

i'm ravenous....I NEED FOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TADA !!!!
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