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QIAN FEI says hi

An extra ordinary girl who loves everything in this world especially her daddy,mommy,brother,friends,music & etc.Of course, she super duper loves LEE YONG DAE and always crazy about him.Now, she is 18 years old and still suffering in KC.Friends are her hope.They give her a fantastic life.She thanks them much.Nothing special about her yet she has a dream.She hopes she will be the main character of the fairytale.HAPPY FOREVER !!


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009 @ 9:11 PM
the exam is over....
i'm a bird now.....wuhuhuhu!!!!!!

while, today should be a delectable day for me....since
there are no exams anymore for this year, and today.....
i had mah shopping at leisure mall after the exam
i bought newest YG and not rummage hardly to find an old comic to entertain me
my voracious appetite was satisfied by the Dragon-i
i was sipping starbucks ,enjoying the lovely atmosphere

but something happened that make me desperate....

i didn't have the mean to disdain him or what...
i was just saying the truth...
don't conceal the truth, ok ?

i was toooo sad and even locked myself in the room
buried my nose into my english tuition homework
the eyetears didn't flow out....

when i was in tuition centre...
i was still desperate, dissapointed....
i abhor that feeling......

shiat !!
hope this feeling won't follow me tomorrow....
i will be hysterical

hurt you....i'm apologetic
but i was just saying the truth

still have to go to school tomorrow.....
tomorrow or even Friday should be holidays....
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